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Under Organizations, you can create new organizations. Categorize organizations into different types such as regional branches and departments, and also business categories such as Computer and Electronics or Clothing and Accessories.

You can assign an organization to a customer group, to which you can apply specific pricing and discountCommerce: A deduction applied to an online purchase, typically implemented as part of a marketing campaign. The discount might apply to items, shipping costs, total order amount and so on.s, and personalizationAdapt content to customized target groups for a more personalized website experience, such as displaying different content to first time and returning visitors. (See visitor groups.).

You can structure an organization into a tree structure with sub-units with different permissions assigned to each. For example, you can set up your company as a parent level organization while your departments such as Sales & Marketing, IT/Development, and Operations as organization units. With this scenario, you can let users in each departments have access only to relevant systems, screens, and functionality within Commerce Manager.

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