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You can create a custom promotion for a catalogCommerce: a top-level container for catalog entries such as categories, products, and variants (SKUs)., order, or shipping level.

The following example builds a promotion that gives a $10 discountCommerce: A deduction applied to an online purchase, typically implemented as part of a marketing campaign. The discount might apply to items, shipping costs, total order amount and so on. to customers who order products that contain Bordeaux or Sauternes in the display name.

Using the Catalog Entry:Build Your Own Discount promotion type, construct the purchase condition as follows to use either Bordeaux or Sauternes.

            And (Or (DisplayName = Bordeaux, DisplayName = Sauternes)) 

The formula is translated by the rules engine to the following formula:

            And (DisplayName = Bordeaux Or DisplayName = Sauternes)

If the Or is not added first the results are not as desired as the DisplayName would have to contain Bordeaux and Sauternes.

Set the Reward to $10.

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