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Episerver Commerce iconCreating or editing a customer segment (Legacy)

A customer segment defines a specific groups of customers to be targeted by promotions or campaigns.

  1. In Commerce Manager, go to Marketing > Customer Segments.
  2. Click New Segment or select an existing customer segment. The Segment Edit page appears.
  3. Fill out the Segment Edit page.
  4. Click OK to save the customer segment.

Creating a customer segment with conditions

Instead of assigning members manually to a customer segment, you can use conditions to apply rules. If a customer satisfies the conditions, then the customer is part of the customer segment.

The following example shows how to specify conditionsCompany X or Winearts emails as part of this customer segment.

  1. Click New Condition on the Segment Edit page.
  2. Enter an Expression Name, such as Company X or Email Addresses.
  3. Set up the conditions based on the following image.
  4. Click OK to save the conditions.
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