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Customers create the majority of orders on the front-end in an online store, and you likely have a significant amount of orders in your system. Episerver Commerce lets you browse and search orders in several ways.

  • Filter and search orders by customer, status, market, date range and other properties.
  • Use wild cards to limit search results.
  • Preview orders while browsing.
  • Viewing orders per market.

Searching and viewing orders

Go to Commerce Manager > Order Management and click Order Search.

Search filtering options include markets and customer contact details. You can use wild cards ("*") to indicate partial search for instance on a customer name. You can click column headers to sort the order list.

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When browsing orders, you can for example see information about order creation date, market, and from where the order derives.

Order summary preview

Click the Order Summary icon next to the purchase order ID to display a summary of the order information.

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Viewing orders by time range or status

Using the options under Purchase Orders in the left column you can view orders by time range. You can for example display orders using "Last 7 days" and "Last 30 days", to see the last orders from the previous month, in the beginning of a month.

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Using the options under Purchase Orders By Status in the left column you can view orders by status.

Viewing orders per market

When viewing purchase orders, carts or payment plans, you can filter all views per market to work with items for a specific market.

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