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Episerver Microsoft Dynamic CRM is an add-on and requires .NET framework 4.5.2 and a separate installation together with Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation, as it is not included by default in an Episerver installation. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on requires a separate license, and you can use only one marketing automation product at a time. See Episerver World for installation and configuration details. The add-on has support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM® add-onA plug-in or module, developed by Episerver or its partners, to extend the capabilities of Episerver. Add-ons are available from the Episerver Add-on Store inside Episerver. automatically exports form data from your website to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account database by mapping Episerver form fields to Microsoft Dynamics CRM database fields. For information about other database connector add-ons, see Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation.

You can map form fields to Microsoft Dynamics CRM using legacy forms or block-based forms.

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