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The Episerver user guide describes features in the Episerver platform, including CMS for content management and Commerce for e-commerce management, and add-ons from Episerver. New features are continuously made available through Episerver updates.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available on your website.

This user guide (17-3) describes features added up until and including update 163 for Episerver; see Episerver World for previous user guide versions.

Area Features and updates
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  • Content approvals: The feature is no longer a Beta feature. (update 158)
  • Content approvals: An administrator can now define if reviewers must enter a comment when approving or declining a review request. See Managing content approval sequences. (update 158)
  • The Change Log has been updated to support content approvals and has been moved from Config > Tool Settings to Admin > Tools in the admin view. It is no longer possible to enable and disable the service running to register activities in Episerver; it is now always enabled. See Change Log for more information. (update 160)
  • A/B testing: A new conversion goal, Time on Page, has been added which allows you to set a time period in seconds. A conversion is counted if a visitor stays the defined time on the test page. See A/B testing for more information. (update 155)
  • A/B testing: You can now add up to five conversion goals to an A/B test. If you add more than one goal, you can also decide if one of the goals should be more important, or less important, than the other goals when determining a test winner. See A/B testing for more information. (update 163)
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  • In the previous user guide, the Episerver Forms section had an example that showed how to connect block-based forms to a Marketing Automation Integration (MAI) connector, using Marketo in the example. In this version of the user guide, each MAI connector has its own example about setting up block-based forms to export form data from your website to your connector account database.

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