Creating a return reason

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

Return reasons add data about returnCommerce: manages exchanges and refunds for faulty or unwanted products. in the order management process. The built-in return reasons in Episerver Commerce are Faulty, Incorrect Item, and Unwanted Gift. You can add more return reasons.

Image: Selecting Return Reasons

  1. Open Commerce ManagerOne of several main user interfaces in Episerver Commerce. This UI area, available from the top menu after logging in, provides screens for managing markets, customers, catalog, orders, and so on. You can manage the information on some Commerce Manager screens in other, newer user interfaces. Where possible, we recommend using the newer ones. and go to Administration > System Settings > Dictionaries > Return Reasons. The Return Reasons screen appears.
  2. Click New Return Reason. The Return Reason Edit dialog box appears.
    • Return Reason. Enter a name, such as Changed Mind.
    • Sort Order. Enter a number. The lower the value, the higher the position the return reason is on the list screen.
    • Visible. Select Yes to enable to return reason; otherwise No.
  3. Click OK. The new return reason appears on the list.

Deleting a return reason

  • To delete an individual return reason, click Delete.
  • To delete multiple return reasons at one time, select the check boxes next to the return reason and select More Actions > Delete Selected. Click OK to confirm.