Optimizely Platform

Integrate Optimizely Campaign with other features of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to create customer-centric experiences. For example, use product data from Optimizely Commerce for your mailing campaigns, visitor profiles from Optimizely Visitor Intelligence for target groups in Optimizely Campaign, or personalized product recommendations for shopping cart abandoners.

Optimizely Commerce

The Optimizely Commerce integration lets you import the latest product data into Campaign, and make catalog content available when adding product recommendations to mailings. The content interface paragraph imports product data such as offer texts and product images, from your e-commerce system into the Template Kit.

To get the product data into Optimizely Campaign, you set up a periodic transfer of the latest product data from Optimizely Commerce. For more information, see Commerce-Campaign integration on Optimizely World.

Optimizely Connect for Campaign

With this extension, you can connect Optimizely Campaign with Optimizely CMS and Optimizely Forms, to collect visitor data entered in website forms, and pass that on to be used in mailings. For more information, see Connect for Campaign on Optimizely World.

Optimizely Visitor Intelligence

Optimizely Visitor Intelligence is a user interface for viewing and filtering visitor profiles, and creating customer segments that you can use in your omnichannel marketing campaigns. The Optimizely Visitor Intelligence information is based on tracking of online visitor behavior, such as viewing content or products. For more information, see Optimizely Visitor Intelligence on Optimizely World.

Optimizely Email Product Recommendations and Triggered Messages

You can use Optimizely Email Product Recommendations and Triggered Messages to create triggers for sending automated personalized emails through Optimizely Campaign. These transactional mails are initiated by on-site actions of an email recipient, for example abandoning a shopping cart on an e-commerce site. For more information, see Personalization on Optimizely World.