Viewing the DPAG order reference

The DPAG order reference is only available in Smart Campaigns.

Deutsche Post assigns a DPAG order reference number to sent print messages. You can view the DPAG order reference in Optimizely Campaign and obtain the following information:

  • date and time that your print message was sent
  • number of sent print messages assigned to the order reference
  • format of the sent print messages, for example, DIN A4
  • dispatch type: expedited or standard delivery
  • print mode of sent print messages: single or double-sided

To view the DPAG order reference for your print messages, follow these steps.

  1. Open the start menuMain screen in Optimizely Campaign, where the available options are grouped together. and select CampaignsSmart Campaigns. All campaigns appear in the list in the top half of the window.
  2. In the Smart Campaign overview, select the print campaign for which you want to obtain the DPAG order reference.

    Image: Opening a print campaign

    You can view the DPAG order reference for both Smart Campaign print messages and transactional mails in the Print marketing channelChannel through which advertising messages or information are transmitted to customers and prospects. For example, email, SMS, print or push..

  3. Click Analysis. The Optimizely Campaign Analysis window opens.

    Image: Analyzing a print campaign

  4. In the message nodeCampaign: Item that determines when a recipient passes through the campaign, and the actions that are executed for the recipient. With the help of "connections", you can link nodes to specify the process of your campaign. The arrow at the end of each connection always points to the next node and the associated action. under DPAG order reference, click Details .

    Image: Display details

  5. The information box shows the DPAG order reference, the postal delivery method, the number of sent print messages, the format, the distribution method and the print mode.

The information may contain several DPAG order numbers, as one print message may be assigned several DPAG order numbers. This might occur if you resend a message, and Deutsche Post AG assigns a new order number for the second delivery. The number of related order numbers is shown in the message node under DPAG order reference.