The projects gadget

A project lets you manage the publishing process for multiple related content items, such as a landing page, blocks and products (if you have Optimizely Commerce installed) that are parts of a campaign. Projects support content management in different language versions, so that you can manage translation of content items in the project view.

Image: Publishing project

You can create new content or create draft versions of existing content, associate the content items with a project, and then publish the project immediately or schedule it for later publishing.

You need to add the projects gadget to the left or right pane to access the project features.

Working with projects

Creating a project and adding content

Create a project from the gadget menu and add desired content items through drag and drop. You can prepare the draft versions of the content items first, and then create the project and add them, or the other way around. Use Sort in the context menu to sort content items for a better overview, and Refresh to reload the view if multiple editors are working on the same project. Use the Sort button Image: Sort button in project gadget to sort content items for a better overview, and the Refresh button Optimizely image to reload the view if multiple editors are working on the same project.

Image: Sorting items in project

A specific content version can only be part of one project. If you try to add the same version to another project, you are prompted to create a new draft.

Previewing project content

The preview option in the top menu has an option for projects where you can browse through included items, preview them as if they were published, and update them if needed.

Image: Previewing project as if it was published

Publishing projects

To publish a project, all included items must first be set to status Ready to Publish. You can do this for each item from the publishing menu when editing, or from the context menu in the Project gadget.

Image: Setting items as Ready to Publish

When all items are ready for publishing, you can publish the entire project directly, or schedule the project to be published later (if you have publishing access rights). If you need to change content in a scheduled project, select Remove Scheduling and Edit, change the content and re-schedule the project publishing. Published projects cannot be edited.

Removing content and deleting projects

Remove a content item from a project by selecting the item in the projects gadget and then selecting Remove from Project from the item's context menu. Removing a content item from a project means that it is no longer associated with the project but it is not deleted from the website.

Image: Removing item from project

Delete a project by selecting the project in the projects gadget and then selecting Delete Project from the gadget's context menu. Projects are permanently deleted, but associated content items remain. When deleting a project scheduled for publishing, you have the option to keep or remove the scheduling for each associated item.

Image: Deleting project