Connectors for Adyen

Adyen is a plug-in that you can configure to process payments when completing an order on your Optimizely B2B Commerce website.


  1. Go to the Admin Console > System > Settings.
  2. Search for and select Payment Gateway.
  3. Select Adyen from the Payment Gateway menu.
  4. Populate the following fields with the criteria provided via your Adyen account.
    Field NameDescription
    Merchant Account NumberThe merchant account number for your Adyen account.
    API KeyAPI key value.
    Test ModeDefault: On. Uses the Ayden test URLs.
    Adyen DomainAyden in a multi-tenant payment gateway and you will have a specific domain, such as [Random]-[CompanyName]
    Use Payment Gateway VaultDefault: Off. Enables using credit card tokens from the payment gateway that can be submitted to the ERPStands for "enterprise resource planning"; refers to systems for managing business operations including product planning, development, manufacturing, logistics sales and marketing.. Enable this option only if the ERP requires the payment card token to process a transaction, as opposed to the authorization token.

B2B Commerce does NOT store sensitive credit card or profile information.