Deliverability preview

The deliverability preview lets you check your mailing before dispatch, whether the contents are displayed correctly and whether your mailing has been classified as spam by the most popular email providers. Optimizely works together with an external software service provider to analyze and create the deliverability preview.

To create or view a deliverability preview, open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select Analytics > Deliverability Preview.

Image: Deliverability preview

Creating a deliverability preview

Deliverability previews have additional costs. For more information, contact customer support.


To create a deliverability preview:

  1. Click Create….
  2. In the Select Mailing drop-down list, select the mailing for which you want to create a deliverability preview.
  3. In the Select Test Recipient drop-down list, select a recipient list.

    Only use test lists and no real customer data. See also Recipient lists.

  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the deliverability preview.
  5. Click Create.

    The analysis and creation of the deliverability preview may take several minutes.

  6. Click Close.

Viewing a deliverability preview

In the Select Preview drop-down list, select a deliverability preview.

The results may not display immediately. In the Select Preview drop-down list, you can check the progress of each analysis under Status.

The deliverability preview has two tabs:


The Display tab lets you preview how the graphics and fonts in your mailing are displayed by the most popular email providers and browsers.

To filter the results, enter a search term in the Filter results... field.

For example, enter iPad to check the appearance on Apple iPads, or enter Gmail for the Gmail email provider.

Click a thumbnail to display the respective image. For some images, you can change the format from Portrait (vertical) to Landscape (horizontal). Click the desired format in the upper left corner of the image.

Image: Changing the format

Spam suspicion

The Spam Suspicion tab provides an overview of whether your mailing has been classified as spam by the most popular email providers.

  • The red icon indicates that your mailing has been classified as spam.
  • The green icon indicates that your mailing has arrived at the respective email provider.
  • The violet icon indicates that no result is available yet.

If available, the spam score is also displayed and you can view further information on the spam filters by hovering over the info symbol . See also: Notes on spam filters of each client.

Image: Spam suspicion

Optimizely cannot view nor influence the parameters used to check the spam suspicion. The results of this analysis do not guarantee that your mailing will lead to the same ratings of a real mailing dispatch. The reputation of Optimizely Campaign as an email service provider is not considered in the analysis.

To learn how to optimize your mailing, see Deliverability basics.