Performance Dashboard (Beta)

The Performance Dashboard gives you an overview of your mailing activities. Customize the Performance Dashboard and use it for example for graphically appealing presentations.

Image: Performance Dashboard overview

To open the Performance Dashboard, open the Optimizely Campaign menu and select Analytics > Performance Dashboard (Beta).

All users of a client have the same access permission to the Performance Dashboard.

You can display the following widgetsConfigurable screen element that displays information. in the Performance Dashboard:

By default, the following widgets are displayed:

  1. KPI charts Recipients, Opens, Clicks, Responses and Unsubscribes
  2. Basic chart Dispatch Overview with a complete overview of all KPIs
  3. Basic chart Clicks, Responses, Unsubscribes
  4. Basic chart Unsubscribes

Image: Widgets

You can customize and export each widget directly in the Performance Dashboard overview or configure it individually in edit mode.

Hover over a specific day or mailing in the graph to view the corresponding KPIs and metrics.