Viewing and updating customer information

This topic describes how to find customers and viewing and updating customer information on the Order Management screen.

Searching for customers

To quickly find a customer, follow these steps.

  1. From the Order management screen, click Open Customer.

    Image: Open Customer

  2. In the Choose customer field, enter any portion of the customer’s name or email address. As you enter more characters, you get fewer search results.

    Image: Choose customer

  3. A list of customers whose name or email address include those characters appears.
  4. Choose a customer.
  5. The Contact Details screen for that customer appears.

    Image: Contact Details

Updating customer information

You can also view and update customer information from the Contact Details tab, available from the Cart Details and the Order Details screens. To do so, click the edit icon edit next to Customer Information.

The Contact Details screen appears with three tabs: Personal Information, Address Book, and Orders.

Personal Information tab

You can edit the customer's name, email address, and customer groupCustomer groups are created in Commerce Manager then applied to contacts and organizations. Customer groups are common to both contacts and organizations, and you can apply them to customer segments that are targeted for marketing campaigns and customer group-specific pricing, including variants..

contact details orders

Address Book tab

Initially, you see all of a customer's addresses.

contact details orders

You can edit or delete an existing address, or enter a new one. You may designate one address as the preferred billing address, and the same or a different one as the preferred shipping address.

Orders tab

The Orders tab shows a customer's order history in reverse chronological order.

Image: Orders tab

You can click any order to see and edits its details. See Working with purchase orders.