Order Management screen

The Order Management screen lets your order support team identify and perform common tasks on shopping cartsCommerce: A collection of products selected by a website customer, with the intention of completing a purchase. Also known as a shopping cart or basket. and purchase ordersCommerce: An order that has been registered and paid for. Typically, it has an associated purchase order number.. See also: Carts versus orders. For example, you can add or remove line items as well as update their quantity. You can also update customer information and work with payment plans.

Only members of the Commerce admins groups or the Customer Service Representatives role see this screen. To learn about roles, see Commerce-specific virtual roles.

To access the Order Management screen, click Order Management from the Commerce top menuThe top menu appears in the uppermost part of the user interface when logged in. From the top menu you can switch between products and systems integrated with your website. It also displays links to the user guide and user settings, and to a global search. See the User interface topic for further information..

Image: Order Management screen