User scenarios

The Optimizely platform contains an entire product suite supporting features for content management, e-commerce, search and navigation, automated campaigns, personalization and more, delivered as part of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform.

This section describes common user scenarios when working with products in the Optimizely platform. Your specific Optimizely implementation may contain Optimizely CMS for content management only, Optimizely Commerce for e-commerce features, or multiple other products and add-ons. The topics in this section help you get started when working with features across the Optimizely platform.

This documentation describes a standard out-of-the-box implementation, illustrated through an Optimizely sample site. When you log in to the Optimizely edit view and select a product to work with, the top menuThe top menu appears in the uppermost part of the user interface when logged in. From the top menu you can switch between products and systems integrated with your website. It also displays links to the user guide and user settings, and to a global search. See the User interface topic for further information. displays the features available to you. See Getting started.

See Roles and tasks and Managing permissions to learn how to work with roles and feature permissions.

What you see in the user interface is solution and permission-specific, and may deviate from what is described here. In the user scenarios, we assume that you have the required access to features. Contact your system administrator if you are uncertain.