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Optimizely Commerce provides custom visitor groupSite visitors with something in common, such as age, geographic location, and so on. Used in the personalization feature of Optimizely CMS. (See Personalizing Content.) criteria so you can personalize content based on productCommerce: various forms of merchandise that you can display and purchase from the public site, including products, variations/SKUs, bundles, and packages. Also known as a catalog entry. and order information. PersonalizationThe .NET (ASP.NET) Framework is a software framework primarily developed for Microsoft Windows. It includes a large programming library and supports several programming languages. Optimizely CMS is based on the Microsoft .NET framework. helps you to strategically sell exactly the right products to the right customers, instead of showing the same products to everyone.

You need administration access rights to create and edit a visitor group. Existing visitor groups are available for editors in edit view.

To see available visitor groups, in the top menuGroup of options that appears in the uppermost part of the user interface when logged in. The global menu displays products and systems integrated with your website. It also displays links to the user guide and user settings, and to a global search. See the User interface topic for further information., click CMS > Visitor Groups. Click Create to define a visitor group. Then add personalization criteria as desired.

Personalization examples

You can use Visitor Groups to determine which content is appropriate to show. If you use a CRM system with segments to guide your business practices, duplicate this segmentation in Optimizely Commerce via Visitor Groups. Then, create a special home page for each customer segment.

As another example, create visitor groups that place customers in vertical segments, such as service stations, car repair shops, spare parts dealers, and so on. If product data is maintained in Optimizely, different customers should see different product descriptions. A retail customer (service station) could see primarily commercial data about a product, while an end-user (car repair shop) would see technical details about the same product. So, you can use visitor groups to optimize the user experience by meeting the unique needs of each customer.

Commerce-specific criteria

These criteria are available by default in an Optimizely Commerce installation, in addition to the CMS-specific criteria. See also: Managing visitor groups.

How visitor groups are used

When creating a campaignCommerce: a set of related components and activities used for promotions. A campaign organizes marketing activity and is associated with discounts (promotions), customer segments, and markets., you can limit it to members of selected visitor groups.