Managing gadgets

A gadgetSmall application component that is responsible for its own rendering and behavior, accessible from the dashboard or the panes in the Optimizely user interface. A gadget can contain functionality that you can use within the gadget interface or link away to other products integrated in Optimizely (for example, a direct link to CMS / Pages where you can use the classic editing view features). is a small application or add-on that can be made available for easy access from the dashboard or the assets and navigation panes in Optimizely. There are built-in gadgets both for the Optimizely platform and product-specific ones, for example, gadgets for forms viewing, visitor groups statistics, version management and the product catalog, if you have Optimizely Commerce installed. Developers can also develop custom gadgets to extend the features of your Optimizely solution.

Image: Dashboard, add gadgets

Gadgets are managed in a similar fashion both on the dashboard and in the panes in edit view. Click the Settings icon to access the gadget management options.

Image: Rearrange gadgets

Adding gadgets

Select Add Gadgets, and select a gadget to add from the list of available gadgets.

Rearranging gadgets

Select Rearrange Gadgets, select a gadget, and drag it to the desired position on the dashboard or in a pane.

Removing gadgets

Select Rearrange Gadgets, and click the Remove gadget symbol next to the gadget you want to remove from the dashboard or pane.

Built-in gadgets

Gadgets for the dashboard

  • External links. Provides an overview of the external links of your website.
  • Forms viewer. Lets you monitor the activity for a specific web form.
  • Notes. Lets you add colorful “post it” notes to your dashboard.
  • RSS feed reader. Shows the latest feeds from an RSS source of your choice.
  • Visitor groups statistics. For monitoring visitor groups viewing personalized content.

See dashboard gadgets to edit the configuration settings for dashboard gadgets.

Gadgets for the panes in edit view

  • Archived Tests. For viewing archived A/B tests. See A/B testing.
  • Blocks. For accessing blocks (default in the assets pane).
  • Media. For accessing media files (default in the assets pane).
  • Forms. For accessing forms (default in the assets pane if the Optimizely Forms add-on is installed).
  • Forms Elements. Displays the forms elements that can be used when creating a form (only available if the Optimizely Forms add-on is installed).
  • Project Items. For viewing items belonging to a project. You can multi-select and mark items as Ready to Publish. from this gadget.
  • Sites. Displays the page tree for the website.
  • Recent. Displays items you have viewed during your current browser session.
  • Tasks. Displays tasks to be done on the website. This gadget lets you filter items on status. You can, for example, see a list of all items set as Ready to Publish.
  • Recently changed. Displays recently changed content on the website.
  • Versions. For managing content versions. See Working with versions to work with versions.

Some gadgets are available by default in the user interface, while others need to be added manually.


Many add-ons are made available in the user interface as gadgets to extend the capabilities within various areas of Optimizely.