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Rebuild Name for Web Addresses

The Rebuild Name for Web Addresses function is used for getting and changing addresses in the address field. When a visitor looks at a certain page on a website based on EPiServer CMS, a path to the page is shown in the address field, as in the example below. The address reflects the page's place in the structure.

Example of web page name in address

The names in the address field are created automatically from the name an editor has specified for the page. If an editor changes the name of the page, the name in the address field will not change. This can however be changed manually by changing the field Page name in web address on the Settings tab.

Some pages have no value in the field for names in web address. This could, for example, be pages imported from other EPiServer solutions. With the Rebuild Name for Web Addresses function you can create all the web addresses for the website at the same time. It is also possible to change all the existing addresses and overwrite them with new ones.

Remember that this function can affect links to the website. All internal links are managed and updated automatically, so you do not have to worry about these. There can however be other websites that have linked to a certain page and this can mean that such a link will be broken. It can also affect the favorites that visitors have in their web browsers. So you should therefore think twice before using this function.

Rebuild names for web addresses as follows:

  1. Select Rebuild Name for Web Addresses on the Config tab.
  2. If you want to overwrite existing addresses, select Rebuild all page names in web addresses (overwriting existing links).
  3. Click Rebuild links.