IMPORTANT: Starting from release 8.60, the ListSummary server control was replaced by the FrameworkUI: <ektron:ContentView> templated server control. If you are already using the ListSummary server control, you can continue to do so, but Ektron recommends using current versions of functionality.

The ListSummary server control displays a list of content in a selected folder on a Web page. Optionally, the display can include content in all subfolders of the selected folder. When added to a template and visited, a ListSummary looks like this.

It displays each content block’s title and summary information. You can modify the display to suit your needs by modifying its properties.

NOTE: To display a List Summary on a PageBuilder page, use the ListSummary widget.

NOTE: In contrast to a List Summary, a ContentList server control displays selected content items from any Ektron folder. See also: ContentList