The XMLSearch templated server controla server control uses API language to interact with the CMS and Framework UI to display the output. A server control can be dragged and dropped onto a Web form and then modified. displays a Smart Form's fields on a search page. A site visitor can use the fields to search for Smart Forman Ektron-defined Web page that contains XML (hidden from the end user) to display content, and receive, verify, and save user input. content. XMLSearch consists of the following components:

IMPORTANT: Only fields marked Indexed appear on the form (see image below).

Also, you cannot search a Smart Form field if its entire xpath exceeds 64 characters. See also: Specifying Which XML Elements are Indexed.

To provide search capabilities for your Web site content, insert all three controls onto an .aspx template. Because the search functions are managed by separate controls, you can place a search field and button in one section of a page, and the results in another.

Also, unless you want to use the default paging properties (which show only ten results), insert an <TSC:Pager> server control on the page to manage the paging of the search results.