Membership users and groups

Membership users have limited privileges to Ektron. Unlike regular Ektron users, they cannot use the Workarea. When membership userA user with limited privileges, such as writing to a community forum, but not having the same privileges as a forum moderator, or an administrator who has access to the Workarea. (A community user is the same as a membership user.)s log in, they can view, add and edit content from the website (as permitted) only—all other functionality is disabled.

Membership users can be allowed to view private content. This is helpful if your organization has partners who need access to Web pages that should not be visible to the general public. See also: Making content private.

If you have a Social Network or Community website, membership users can create an online area for themselves.


To work with membership users, you must be a member of the Administrators group or assigned to the member admin role. See also: Defining roles.