Tagging content, library items, users, and groups with keywords

Tags are keywords that you can assign to users, groups, content, and library items. On a website, tagA keyword that you assign to a user, group, content, or library item to give it additional identification.s for a user or group appear in a profile, helping site visitors learn about a user or group.

You also can perform tag-based searching.

For example, you tag content related to a new product release with “Widgets 2.0.” Anyone could enter that term into the Search box, click Tags from the drop-down list, then Search to find all related content.

Tags are used in these Workarea locations:

NOTE: The CommunityGroupBrowser, CommunityGroupProfile, and CommunityGroupList server controls can display group tags and link them to a list of all groups that share the tag. Also, the TagCloud server controlA server control uses API language to interact with the CMS and Framework UI to display the output. A server control can be dragged and dropped onto a Web form and then modified. displays a weighted list of tags.