Security update 6 (Releases 8.02 SP5 to 9.20)

IMPORTANT: This security update applies to Ektron versions 8.02, 8.5, 8.6, 8.6.1, 8.7, 9.00, 9.10, and 9.20 including all service packs from 8.02 SP5 to 9.20. This security update replaces the one released on December 4, 2015.

Released: June 9, 2017

Securing your Ektron site is critical to you and to anyone using your site, data, and CMS. Failure to implement security measures can make your site vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other security threats.

You should install the security update to make Ektron as secure as possible. Download it from the Optimizely Knowledgebase (registration required; open the Security Updates folder and select SecurityUpdate6.exe or