Ektron eWebWP Readme

Version 1.2

The following features have been added to Ektron eWebWP, version 1.2. For details, refer to the Developer's Reference Guide, which is installed in the documentation folder of eWebWP folder.

Developers can now implement Ektron eWebWP as a popup editor (with a text area field and a button). When a user clicks the button, a window pops up with an Ektron eWebWP editor. When the editor content is saved, the text area in the parent window is updated with the saved content.

The default content from Ektron eWEbWP is in HTML. This feature lets the editor produce XHTML content instead.

The default content from Ektron eWebWP contains font and style tags. This Feature allows eWebWP to produce content that is free of font and style tags. As a result, a style sheet can determine the content's appearance when viewed in a browser.

Ektron eWebWP now accepts image files and hyperlink locations in the form of an XML package stored at fileStored.xml. When this xml file is loaded with image file and hyperlink locations, its information appears in the image file and quick link combo boxes.

Developer's Reference Guide is now available.

The font tag is controlled by its three attributes: face, size, and color. You can pre-define the values of these attributes. When one or more attributes are pre-defined, users cannot change any font attributes using toolbar buttons.

A Preview function is available within the Image Properties dialog box. When a user clicks the preview icon, an image identified in the source text field appears in a popup window.

Four icons are now available for the Save button: "extract", "get", "send", and "save". The default icon is "save". You can use the different icons as appropriate in different implementations of the editor. For example, you could use a "send" icon for Web email.

As long as there is a valid eWebWP license key, Ektron eWebWP runs on "localhost" and "" through any port.


Version 1.1

The following features have been added to Ektron eWebWP version 1.1:

With Netscape 7.0 (mozilla 1.1) and the Macromedia Flash MX for Linux, eWebWP is now working on Linux 7.3.

Now developers can disable several specific toolbar buttons. These include the Hyperlink, removelink and image icons.
To disable the icon, JavaScript
eWebWP.parameters.disableIcons = "image,hyperlink,removelink";
needs to be placed before eWebWP.create();

Developers can customize an onsubmit function that is used to save content from the editor. All editors can now have an instance onsubmit function named "[editor's name]_onsubmit()"
Example: If the editor's name is MyContent1, its onsubmit function is named "MyContent1_onsubmit()".

To overwrite it, developers can create a customize JavaScript onsubmit() after eWebWP.create();

Ektron eWebWP uses <P> tags for carriage returns-which results in a single line space. To display the content from eWebWP 1.0, a style sheet must be applied to display the content in the browser the same way it appears the editor. In Version 1.1, a mode has been added to the product so an external style sheet is not required to do this.

Content filtering was invoked when Content was saved (that is, copied to the hidden field) during the form's onsubmit event. In Internet Explorer on PC, the content is also saved when the page is unloaded. Hence, it invokes content filtering as well. This is now disabled in order to reduce the processing time.

For more details on saving content, click here

Three new samples for ASP.NET include new User Control, Server Control and Code behind ASP.NET.

Tool tips are now displayed for all editor icons.

The help pop-up window is now resizable.

Euro Dollar sign is now added to the special characters interface.


Version 1.0


Ektron eWebWP includes the following features:



Administrator features

Editor Functions

Text Formatting

Image support

Non-WYSIWYG image support (allows user to access image via URL, then define the size in a dialog box)


General Information

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view eWebWP manuals. You can acquire and install a copy of Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com.

For eWebWP to function properly, you would need to install Macromedia Flash player version 6,0,47,0 on your system.   You can acquire and install the Flash player from Macromedia site by visiting http://www.macomedia.com/downloads .