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Tabs in Edit Mode

All page types contain a number of tabs in which different settings can be made and information can be entered. What is contained under each tab is entirely dependent on what functions you want that particular page type to have. The number of tabs may also vary depending on the page type. It is also possible to change the tabs that are available and the information they contain.

Note that setting up the tabs and fields is a job for your system administrator, which means that all fields described here might not be available in the page type you are using. Alternatively there might be tabs and fields that are not described here.

The Standard page type is included in a standard installation of EPiServer CMS, and often forms the basis for other page types. This template has the following tabs:

Standard Fields

All page types have the following standard fields that cannot be removed:

Content Tab

Scheduling Tab

Settings Tab

Shortcut Tab

Categories Tab



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