Creating a visitor group based on profile criteria from Marketing Automation connectors

Each connector add-on integrates web tracking to Optimizely’s personalization Adapt content to customized target groups for a more personalized website experience, such as displaying different content to first time and returning visitors. (See visitor groups.) engine by identifying a visitor via a cookie Files used by your browser on a website, or by a third party, and can range from very small to large text files. Cookies are not harmful to your computer and are mostly used to facilitate visitors’ access to functions, such as storing visitors choices. Many companies use cookies to track website visitors, personalize content, track leads and ultimately sell more products and services. To protect visitors’ privacy when visiting different websites, an EU directive states that website owners are responsible for informing all website visitors about which cookies are used and what they are used for. Whether first-party or third-party cookies are used on a website, each visitor is prompted to give their consent the first time they use the website, if a cookie may be placed on the computer, mobile phone or other terminal equipment..

Each connector has its own fields. When you set up criteria in a visitor group Site visitors with something in common, such as age, geographic location, and so on. Used in the personalization feature of Optimizely CMS. (See Personalizing Content.), the fields do not automatically populate with values. You must supply these yourself. Ensure that a field you create matches the type of field from the connector provider.

For example, the ExactTarget Marital Status field has Single or Married values, so if you use Marital Status in visitor criteria you must specify Single or Married (and not anything else).

For another example, the Salesforce Salutation field has Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr. and Prof. values, so if you use Salutation field in visitor criteria you must specify among Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr. and Prof. values (periods included, and not anything else).

To create a visitor group, you can combine criteria such as a geographic location and job title. See Managing visitor groups for information about creating visitor groups.

In Optimizely CMS > Visitor Groups, create a visitor group using the Profile criteria. In the following example, the desired visitors for the campaign or program have a profile containing Boston in the City column. When a contact with this value (City=Boston) submits a form, the contact information is added to the connector's database.

The following image applies to Connect for Marketing Automation version 4.0.

Image: Create visitor group based on visitor's city

The architecture and namespace related to connector-based visitor group criteria changed in Connect for Marketing Automation version 5.0, so you have to reconfigure the Profile criteria after upgrading.

In version 5.0, you have to reconfigure the existing visitor groups from 4.0. When you edit a visitor group using the Profile criteria, the following error appears where the 4.0 Profile criteria was.

Image: Error message in version 5.0 when using visitor group created in version 4.0

Dismiss this error message, then drag the Profile criteria back into the Criteria box.

Image: Drag and drop Profile criteria into Criteria box.