Lists in Spire

Website users may create Lists to save and manage products they plan to purchase in the future, or keep a static list of products they purchase frequently. These lists can be accessed on the website under My Account.

This article provides you with information on managing lists in Spire.

Configure list settings

In the Admin Console, go to AdministrationSettings > Site ConfigurationsLists to configure list settings for users.

  • Allow Multiple Lists - Yes/No values - If Yes, the website prompts users to choose a list or create a new one when adding a product to a list; users may copy lists; and a page with a summary of all user lists is accessible under My Account. If No, the user is allowed only one list, and lists may not be copied or shared. The default is Yes.
  • Allow List Sharing - Yes/No values - If Yes, list owners can send a copy of their list to others, or invite others to view or edit a list.
    If Allow Multiple Lists is set to No, Allow List Sharing is hidden. The default is Yes.
  • Products Per Page - Numerical value. The number of products to display per page on product list pages. This number can be set high to avoid pagination. However, performance may suffer for large lists. The default value is 30.
  • Enable List Reminders - Yes/No values. If Yes, customers can schedule a recurring reminder to reorder the list. The default is No.

Access lists

To access lists, log in to the website as a website user, or impersonate a user through the Admin Console's Impersonate function. Hover over the My Account menu, and select My Lists.

  • Click a list's linked name to view the list's Details Page.
  • Select one of the items shown to access the item's Product Details Page.
  • Select the Shared with... or Shared by... links to manage or view sharing permissions.
  • Choose a Sort By option from the drop-down to sort the lists by Last Updated, List Name: A-Z, or List Name: Z-A.
  • Select Create List to create a new list.
  • Select Add List To Cart to add all items to the cart at the specified quantities. If the list has no purchasable items in it, this button is grayed out.
  • Click Delete List to delete the list. On a list that has been shared with this user, this link changes to Leave List.

Use the list Details Page

Select the list's linked name to view the list's Details Page. Use this page to modify a specific list, copy it, or share it with others.

Use list action buttons

  • Select Copy to copy the list's items to a new or existing list. Search for or select an existing list, or enter a new list name. Click Copy to List.

    Copying items to another list does not remove them from the current list.

  • Select Share to send a copy of the list to selected users, or to allow selected users to view or edit the list. See Share a List for more information on sharing.
  • Select Delete to delete the list. If the user is accessing a list that has been shared with them, and they do not have editing permissions, this button does not appear.
  • Select Edit to edit the list name and description. If the user is accessing a list that has been shared with them, and they do not have editing permissions, this button does not appear.

Other list actions

  • If the list is being shared with others, select Shared with... at the top of the screen to edit sharing permissions for the list.
  • Select Add Items to reveal a drop-down. Search for an item by keyword or item number, enter the quantity and unit of measure (if applicable), and click Add To List. Or, select Upload Items to upload an Excel or CSV file of products.
  • Select Add List to Cart to add all items in the list to the cart.

    This action does not remove the items from the list.

  • Select the Select All checkbox to select all items in the list, or select individual check boxes to choose a specific number of items. Click Add To Cart to add the selected items to the cart, or Delete to delete the selected items. These action buttons appear at both the top and bottom of the list. You should complete these actions before moving to another list page for any selected items, as they only apply to selections on the current page.
  • Use the Search bar to narrow list results by keyword or item number. This search filters the list to display matches for matches in the product number, product title or manufacturer item fields. (This search does not use the full index to return results, so it does not include values in fields like part number.)
  • Select the Sort By drop-down to sort the list by Custom Sort, Date Added, Product: A-Z (product name field), or Product: Z-A (product name field). If Custom Sort is selected, click and drag the up and down arrows to arrange products manually. This order is retained, and reappears whenever Custom Sort is selected.
  • Select the Edit Sort Order checkbox if you want to change the order of the list. Entry boxes appear with numeric values showing the current order of products in the list. To change the order of display, change the numeric value in an entry box for that product, or drag and drop that item in the list. If entering a numeric value, simply press Enter or click out of the entry box to save that value.

If a product is no longer available due to being deactivated or discontinued, a message appears notifying the user the products has been removed from the list. If products are unavailable due to product restrictions set on the user's active customer, a notification appears at the top and allows the user to elect whether to remove the products from the list.

Create a new list

There are multiple ways to create a new list. The most common is creating a new list from the Product Detail Page. After accessing the website as a user, or impersonating a user using the Admin Console's Impersonate functionality, complete the following:

  1. To create a new list from the Product Detail Page, browse or search for a product.
  2. Select Add to List .
  3. Select a list from the drop-down, or create a new list.
  4. Select Add to List.

Alternately, go to My Account > My Lists, and select Create List.

The Search field in lists currently does not support searching by Customer Part Number.

Share lists

Share a list to allow other users to view or edit a list you have created.

If a user is accessing a list that has been shared with them, and they do not have editing permissions, the Share option does not appear.

To share a list, complete the following steps:

  1. On the website, go to My Account > My Lists, and select a list.
  2. Select Share to send a copy of the list to selected users, or to allow selected users to view or edit the list.
  3. Select Send a copy to take a snapshot of the list in its current state and send it to any valid email address. Select Allow others to view or edit this list to provide other users with a list that is updated as the current list is updated.
  4. Click Next .
  5. If copying, enter your name, the recipient email address, and a short message. Click Send .
  6. If adding others to the list, choose whether to share the list, or make the list available to all users on the billing account. Then, choose whether to allow editing. If editing is not allowed, the list will be read only - users will see a tooltip that indicates that they are unable to edit this list.
  7. If sharing with all users on the billing account, select to send an email notification to users, and click Finish .

    If a list is shared with multiple users simultaneously, all users receive separate email notifications.

    When a new user is created within a bill to record that has a list shared with all users on the account, the new user can access the list without the list being reshared.

Once a website user has access to a list, they have the ability to adjust the sort order of the list if necessary.

Edit sharing permissions

As a general rule, customers without edit permissions on lists cannot update them. However, they can change the quantity of products to add a specific quantity to the cart without having to adjust quantities within the cart. They cannot update the saved quantity on the shared list.

Customers with edit permissions will see an Update Saved QTY button after they change the quantity of a shared list. The updated quantity only saves for the list when the customer clicks this button. Customers can update the quantity for multiple products, then click the Update Saved QTY button for any product to update and save the new quantities for all updated products.

Action List Owner Edit Permission (Shared) Read Only Permission (Shared)
Delete List x    
Print List x x x
Copy List x x x
Share List x    
Edit List x    
Manage Sharing Permissions x    
View Sharing Details   x x
Add Items to List x x  
Delete Item x x  
Delete Items (Bulk) x x  
Add Note to Item x x  
Edit Note on Item x x  
Add Item to Cart x x x
Add Items to Cart (Bulk) x x x
Add List to Cart x x x
Edit Sort Order of Items x x  
Changes Made to Units of Measure are Saved (Opt-in) x x  
Changes Made to Quantity are Saved (Opt-in) x x  

Schedule email reminders for list reordering

You can enable list reminders to allow your customers to set email reminders to reorder list items. Customers can set up reminders on a recurring basis or at regular intervals when adding products to a list or from a specific list anytime. Customers may only schedule and manage email reminders for themselves.

Enable email reminders

You need to turn on the Enable List Reminders setting in the Admin Console for your customers to see this option on their lists.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Search for Enable List Reminders or select Site Configurations > Lists > Enable List Reminders.
  3. Toggle the Enable List Reminders setting to Yes.
  4. Click Save.

Schedule email reminders from a list

Your customers can access the Schedule Email Reminder window from any list page under My Account > My Lists.

  1. Click a list name on your My Lists page.
  2. Click Schedule Email Reminder.
  3. Select Weekly or Monthly from the Repeats drop-down list.
  4. Enter a value in the Every field for the weekly or monthly recurrence.
  5. Select a day on which you want to receive the reminder email from the Day of the week/month drop-down list.
  6. Change the Start Date, if needed.
  7. Select No end date or select an On date in the End Date section.
  8. Enter any notes about the reminder in the Message/Notes field.
  9. Click Schedule.

Schedule email reminders when adding products to a list

You can also follow the same process when adding items to a list.

  1. On any product, click Add to List.
  2. Select the checkbox for Schedule email reminders to reorder these items.
  3. Click Add to List.
  4. Follow the steps above to set up a reminder.

To learn more about the email template used for the email reminder, see the Creating and Editing Email Templates article.

Stop email reminders

Customers who no longer want to receive email reminders for a list can stop their reminders in the Schedule Email Reminder window, which is accessible from any list page under My Account > My Lists.

  1. Click a list name on your My Lists page.
  2. Click Update Email Reminder.
  3. Click Stop Reminder in the Schedule Email Reminder window.
  4. Click Yes when the verification message appears to cancel email reminder.

Share lists with multiple customers

You can create, manage and share lists with multiple customers from the Admin Console. This lets you target marketing efforts by sharing lists with one or multiple customers to promote products or streamline access to their most-purchased products. Customers will see lists shared from the Admin Console on their My Accounts > My Lists page, including who created and shared the list. Customers cannot share, edit or delete this list.

Add products to the list from the Order Confirmation page

The user can add products to the list from the Order Confirmation page. To do this, click Add to List from the Order Confirmation page. Any products added from the Order Confirmation page will then appear in the updated list.

Create a list

To share a list with multiple customers, you first need to create it in the Admin Console.

  1. Log in to the Admin Console.
  2. Go to Marketing > Lists.
  3. Click +List to add a new list.
  4. Enter the list Name, Shared By and Description information on the Details finger tab.
  5. Click Save.

The list management table only shows lists that have been created in the admin console.

Add individual products to a list

You can add products to the list one at a time.

  1. Select the Products finger tab.
  2. Click + List Product to assign products individually to a list
  3. Select a product from the Product drop-down list. These fields only include products that are available for addition to this list.
  4. Select the appropriate Unit of Measure.
  5. Enter a value in Qty Ordered.
  6. Enter a value in Sort Order based on where you want the product to appear in the list.
  7. Click Save. Repeat these steps to add more products individually.

Add multiple products to a list

You can use the import functionality to add multiple products to the list at one time.

  1. Click Import to add multiple products at once.
  2. Select List Products from the What would you like to import? drop-down list.
  3. Click Download Template to start from a template with columns for List, Product,Unit of Measure, Qty Ordered and Sort Order. Fill in the product information and save your spreadsheet.

    For more information about importing, see the Importing and Exporting Data and the Working with the Import Template articles.

  4. Click Choose File to search for and select your import spreadsheet.
  5. Click Import.

Assign or unassign customers to a list

You need to assign customers to the list for it to appear on their My Accounts > My Lists page.

  1. Select the Customers finger tab.
  2. Click Assign Customers or Unassign to add or remove individual customers from this list.
  3. Select the customer name from the list or search for a customer name.
  4. Click Save.

Any website user who has access to these customers can see this list on your website.

Create contract items

Contract Items is a list of predetermined products that can be added to an order as a set. There are two steps to this process: the first is to ensure that multiple lists are enabled, and the second is to create the actual product set.

Create a contract item list

  1. Go to Admin Console > Websites.
  2. Click Edit for the website that will contain Contract Items.
  3. Click the Settings finger tab.
  4. Locate the Allow Multiple Lists Website Setting and ensure that the value is set to "Yes".
  5. Go to Customers.
  6. Locate the Customer for whom you would like to add a Contract Item list to and click Edit.
  7. Click the Product Sets finger tab.
  8. Click Add Customer Product Set to create a new Product Set.
  9. Click the Name field and name the product and click Save.
  10. Click the Products finger tab.
  11. Click Assign Products to add products to the product set.
  12. Select the Products to add to the set and click Assign.
  13. Click Done.

The selected products are now part of the product set.