Spire CMS roles

Spire CMS has the following permission roles: CMS_ContentEditor, CMS_ContentDeveloper, CMS_SiteEditor, CMS_Publisher, , and CMS_SystemAdmin. Each role lets users perform some actions, and blocks other actions. You can assign a role to a user by going to the Administration > Users > Console Users section, selecting a user, and then selecting the roles you want that user to have. To create a custom role, see Creating custom roles.


Content editors can do the following:


To assign this role, first enable the setting Advanced Spire CMS Features in the Admin Console under Administration > System > Settings > Site Configurations > Widgets.

Content developers can do the following:

  • Content
    • Add and edit content in the Code Snippet widget

Other user roles can view the Code Snippet widget. However, only CMS_ContentDeveloper and CMS_SystemAdmin can add and edit it.


Site editors can do the following:

  • Content
    • All CMS_ContentEditor actions
    • Update Content
    • Edit settings and content of commerce widgets
    • Create A/B Tests/Experiments
  • Pages
    • Compose commerce pages
    • Add widgets to a commerce page
    • Delete widgets from a commerce page
    • Rearrange widgets on a content page


Publishers can do the following:

  • Approve content for users who do not have publishing permissions
  • Publish content, including:
    • Bulk publish
    • Future publish
    • Rollback
    • Immediate publish


System administrators can do the following:

  • All actions listed in CMS_ContentEditor, CMS_SiteEditor, and CMS_Publisher roles
  • Edit a site’s global style guide