Connectors for Paymetric

Paymetric is a plug-in that you can configure to process payments when completing an order on your Optimizely B2B Commerce website.

Paymetric does not use TokenEx like other B2B Commerce Payment Gateways, rather it uses Paymetric's own iframe. Because of this, card transactions requiring card entry through the administration console are unavailable when Paymetric is used as a payment gateway.

Storefront saved card functionality was released in 5.0.5 for Paymetric.

Paymetric is not currently available with the Optimizely Mobile application.

Settings (Iframe)

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Search for and select Payment Gateway Iframe.
  3. Select Paymetric from the Payment Gateway IFrame menu.
  4. Populate the following fields with the criteria provided via your Paymetric account to configure Paymetric XiIntercept as the payment Iframe in B2B Commerce:

    These settings are currently restricted to Optimizely-only roles. If changes need to be made, enter a support ticket.

    Field NameDescription
    Test ModeIf Yes, the system will use the test endpoint, otherwise it will use the live endpoint. Default value: On
    Merchant IDEnter the Paymetric Merchant Id (This value is a GUID).
    Shared Secret KeyEnter the Paymetric Shared Key.
    CSS LocationEnter the absolute location of the CSS file for the you wish to render the Paymetric Iframe on.
    Iframe TemplateSelect the template for the Paymetric iFrame to render. For example, Creditcard asks only for the credit card number, while CreditcardCvv also prompts for the CVV. Default value: CreditcardWithCvv
    Payment Methods

    Enter the payment methods you wish to be rendered in the Paymetric Iframe. Supported values (case sensitive): american express, discover, jcb, maestro, mastercard, visa, diners.

Settings (payment gateway)

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Search for and select Payment Gateway.
  3. Select Paymetric from the Payment Gateway menu.
  4. Populate the fields listed below with the criteria provided via your Paymetric account to configure Paymetric XiPay as the payment provider in B2B Commerce.
    Field NameDescription
    Merchant IDThe Merchant ID for your Paymetric Account.
    UsernameThe API Username for your Paymetric Account.
    PasswordThe API Password for your Paymetric Account.
    Test ModeTurning this option on will use the Paymetric Test URL. Default value: On
    Pre-Authorizations Only

    When this setting is enabled, only pre-authorizations (AKA card verification transactions) will be submitted. This is used for workflows where the ERP will make both the authorization and the capture. Default value: Off.

    TR_TRANSTYPE_MSGTYPE ValueThis setting will send a modified header-level value for the TR_TRANSTYPE_MSGTYPE field in the XiPay gateway. If the field is left blank (default), then the field remains unmodified.
    Submit Two-Character Card Types

    Enable this toggle to submit the following two-character values to Paymetric XiPay:

    • VI – Visa

    • MC – MasterCard

    • AX – American Express

    • DC – Diner's

    • DI – Discover

    • JC – JCB

    • SW – Maestro

B2B Commerce does NOT store sensitive credit card or profile information.

CVVs are not stored in B2B Commerce, and as such, are not passed to the Paymetric XiPay gateway for authorizations or sale transactions.