Dashboard gadgets

Optimizely comes with a set of predefined gadgets which can be added to the personalized dashboard, for easy access by editors and website managers in their daily work. To edit configuration settings for these gadgets, add them to the dashboard, click the Settings icon and select Edit. Configuration options for each gadget are described below.

Image: Gadgets, example of configuration options

This gadget provides an overview of the external links of your website. The list displays pages containing links to a specific external web address. This is useful if you want to find out to which external websites you are referring to from your own website. You can choose to display the full URL for each link and the number of items to display in the list.

Forms viewer

The forms viewer is a gadget for the old legacy built-in forms feature. For a description of this gadget, see version 18-2 or earlier of the Episerver User Guide.


Use this gadget to add colorful post-it notes on the dashboard. Add the gadget to the dashboard, enter the text and select size and color for the information.

RSS feed reader

This gadget is used to display information from RSS feeds on the dashboard. The gadget shows the latest feeds from a selected RSS source. Add the feed URL, the number of items to show and a title for the feed.

Visitor groups statistics

If you are using personalization on your website, this gadget displays statistics for selected visitor groups viewing personalized content. By default, statistics are only counted once per session for each visitor group. This gadget can be used from the dashboard and the panes.

  • Select the type of chart to be used in the Statistic View section.
  • Select the visitor groups (must be defined first) you want to include in your statistics.
  • Filter the display by day, month and year.
  • Click Optimizely image to select the start and end dates in the statistics interval.