Sending notifications to a community

Notifications help you build a tighter, more robust community. They drive users to your site by notifying them of a recent event, then directing them to the affected page.

Ektron's notification system creates and transmits a notification messageConsists of text and a triggering activity. When the activity occurs, the message is sent to eligible recipients. to recipientA colleague, or a member of a community group to which a person belongs, that gets a notification message.s through various agentA provider (such as email, SMS, and activity streams) that transmits messages.s, based on Ektron activitiesEvents within Ektron's Community Feature, such as adding content, joining a community group, and submitting a micro-message. The activity may be performed by a community group, membership user, or an Ektron user. For example, a membership user wants to notify colleagueA user who accepted your invitation to be a colleague, or whose invitation to be a colleague you accepted. This activity is managed by the Friends server control.s whenever a document is uploaded to his profile page. When this occurs, a notification agent sends an email to that user's colleagues.

Users can control the notification system by determining