Using Microsoft Search Server features

NOTE: This section applies to Microsoft search servers. Exceptions within Search Server versions (including FAST) are noted. For information about Solr search servers, see Using Solr search.

Visitors choose search to go your website more frequently than any other navigation option. Search usage often exceeds links, menus, or site maps. This is especially true when visitors have a term or phrase in mind. Advanced visitors may narrow down search results by adding special terms or query strings.

As an administrator or developer, you want to provide the optimum search results quickly, with the most relevant results near the top. To accomplish this, adjust the search engine results by setting Using synonym sets, Suggested Results, and keywords.

In some cases, you can anticipate what the visitor is looking for and provide a convenient way to display results with the click of a button or image. To do this, developers can create automated queries that provide the unique combination of keywords and terms that provide results that are highly targeted to the visitor's quest. These queries are found in the code-behind and use the search API.

The website search should provide a simple user interface and relevant results.