This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Optimizely.

Using dictionaries and dictionary values you can enrich data in Optimizely Commercewhen working for example with currencies, countries, customer organizations, customer contact groups, and catalog content. Some default values are auto-installed and can be changed through code, see Optimizely World for technical details.

Working with dictionary property values

Dictionary property values are used for extending data, for example "fabric" for fashion items or "flavor" for wines in a catalog. From the Administration view you can work with dictionary property values for catalog content.

The dictionary properties (meta fields) are added through code, from the Administration view you can only add and delete values.

Adding a dictionary property value

In the Administration view, select Dictionaries. Click a row to edit the values, Name is read only, Used by shows where the property is being used.

The following example shows how values for "sizes" are added from the Administration view.

When added, the "size" values become available for selection in the catalog view when working with catalog content.