Getting started

This topic describes how to log in to an Optimizely website, access features and navigate the different views. The login procedure may be different from what is described here, depending on how your website and infrastructure are set up.

Logging in

As an editor or administrator, you usually log in to your website using a specified URL, a login button or link. Enter your user name and password in the Optimizely login dialog box, and click Log In.

Accessing features

What you are allowed to do after logging in depends on your implementation and your access rights, since these control the options you see. When logged in, the Optimizely quick access menu appears in the upper right corner.

Selecting CMS Edit takes you to the edit view and other parts of the system.

Image: CMS quick access menu

Navigation within CMS and to other parts of the Optimizely platform is done via the top menu.

Image: Global menu

Next steps