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This user guide describes functionality available in the latest release of a standard implementation of the Optimizely platform software and services. New features are continuously made available. See Optimizely updates.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available to you. Contact your system administrator for information about products and versions in your Optimizely implementation.

This release of the Optimizely User Guide describes features available in Optimizely as of 2022-03-21. See release notes (below) for update history. See Archived documentation for previously released user guides and for older release notes.

Release notes 2022

Released Area Features and updates
2021-10-21 Campaign You can now create webhooks for the spam complaint event.
2021-10-15 Campaign The new topic, Setting up the List-Help header, has been added.
2021-09-30 Campaign As part of the rebranding, the images and attachments feature was redesigned. It is now complete and includes the option to delete created images and attachments. (update 379)

When creating or editing users, you can now specify allowed IP addresses and IP ranges to restrict access to the user account. See Managing users. (update 379)

2021-09-28 CMS The Reports view is no longer supported and is removed. (update 378)
2021-09-28 CMS The admin view is redesigned. (update 378)
2021-09-28 CMS Visitor groups user interface is redesigned.

Criteria previously included in the add-on Visitor Group Criteria Pack are now included in Optimizely CMS by default, see Built-in visitor group criteria. (update 378)

2021-09-28 CMS The dashboard is no longer supported and is removed. Gadgets are now only installed in the navigation or assets panes. (update 378)
2021-09-28 Commerce The Commerce Manager administration system is removed, and replaced with a new Administration view, from where you can define markets and warehouses, index catalogs, configure taxes, shipping, and payments, and work with dictionary properties. (update 378)
2021-09-28 Commerce A new Customers view replaces the legacy Customer Management in Commerce Manager. (update 378)
2021-09-28 Commerce Some functionality, previously managed from Commerce Manager, is now managed through code:
  • Dictionaries. Adding currencies, countries, and return reasons.
  • Dictionaries. Adding values for organizations and contacts.
  • Catalog batch updates and catalog import/export.
  • Management of business objects, and catalog and meta-classes fields.

See Optimizely World for technical details, and previous versions of the user guide for the removed legacy functionality. (update 378)

2021-09-23 Campaign Mailings Classic and Reports will be deactivated on 2022-03-01. To migrate your mailings to Smart Campaigns, see Mailings Classic. To migrate your reports to the Performance Dashboard and Deep Analytics, see Reports. (update 377)

The current Apple operating system versions include the Apple Mail Privacy Protection, which restricts the transmission of tracking information to Optimizely Campaign. See Apple Mail Privacy Protection.

2021-09-09 Campaign You can now merge mailing content from different campaigns into a new campaign. See Merge content. (update 377)
2021-09-02 Campaign When importing recipients, you can now merge the contents of recipient list fields of type "String" and "Text". You can either append or prepend the content or replace the old content with the new one. (update 376)
2021-08-12 Marketing automation connectors The configuration settings screen of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector was updated.
2021-08-02 Campaign The redesigned user interface has been released. Optimizely Campaign screenshots in the user guide have been updated. See Start page.
2021-07-22 Marketing automation connectors The Pardot connector has a breaking change when you upgrade to version 6. The configuration screen has new fields to create new connectors. Configurations made with older versions of the Pardot connector will no longer work.
2021-07-20 Campaign You can now create webhooks for the unsubscribe event. (update 373)
2021-07-13 Email Product Recommendations New strategy: Recommendations from categories of purchased products (last 365 days)
2021-06-24 Campaign If you use the coupon system, you can now optionally create QR codes. You can also use field functions to generate QR codes that refer to specific recipient list fields. (update 371)
2021-06-17 Campaign See Deliverability basics for information about the BIMI email authentication standard.
2021-06-14 B2B Commerce Spire roles documented.
2021-06-09 B2B Commerce Adyen payment gateway plug-in documented.
2021-05-27 Marketing automation connectors Fields were added to the Acoustic (Silverpop) Connector setting screen to include database lists. (update 368)
2021-05-13 Campaign In Deep Analytics, you can use separate groupings for the name and ID of mailings, recipient lists, and clients. See Groupings. (update 366)
2021-04-29 Triggered Messages A new feature was added to the Targeted Discount daily trigger to enable the trigger to fire if products were added to a basket but not purchased within the last 30 days.
2021-04-22 Campaign You can now create webhooks for the bounce event. (update 364)

See Deliverability basics for information about list bombing and learn how to recognize these cyberattacks and protect yourself.

2021-04-15 Campaign See Deliverability basics for a glossary of the most important terms related to deliverability.
2021-03-31 Campaign The beta phase of the webhook feature has been expired. You can now create webhooks for the sent event and optionally submit the Basic HTTP Authentication header. You can also verify and update webhooks via REST API. See Webhooks. (update 362)

You can now display background images in grouping paragraphs and sidebars in the mobile newsletter version. You can also automatically stretch or crop the image to fill the entire paragraph area. See Grouping paragraph. (update 362)

The beta phase of the A/B tests for transactional mails feature has been expired. This feature is now available for all users on request.

2021-03-25 Visitor Intelligence Visitor Intelligence now comes with a set of built-in filter definitions. It is also possible to add time and occurrence filters to segments to further limit matching profiles. See Creating a segment based on filter definition. (update 360)
2021-03-25 Campaign In the Optimizely Campaign start menu under Scheduled jobs, you can find an overview of the scheduled jobs configured in your client. (update 360)

If you use the coupon system, you can generate bar codes based on the values of your recipient list fields via field functions.

2021-02-18 Campaign In the Marketing Automation's Advanced node, you can specify which recipients are passing through the Marketing Automation campaign at which time. You can now define even more precisely when Optimizely Campaign should check the criteria. For example, if you set the interval to Every 2 months, each 1st from 14:00, Optimizely Campaign checks the criteria on the first day of every second month at 14:00. (update 355)
2021-02-04 Campaign If you use the recipient list management, you can now change the field name of recipient list fields. See Editing recipient list fields. (update 352)
2021-01-21 B2B Commerce The end user documentation for B2B Commerce and Optimizely PIM has now been integrated in this user guide. See sections Optimizely B2B Commerce and Optimizely PIM.
2021-01-21 CMS Edit and publish blocks in a quick edit view, which lets you edit relevant block properties without leaving the current context. (update 350)

Image: Quick edit view

2021-01-21 Commerce Customer service representatives can create notes associated with carts, orders, and subscriptions (update 349).
2021-01-21 Personalization
2021-01-21 Campaign You can now run A/B tests for transactional mails to send different variants of a transactional mail and check which variant performs better.

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